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To all the mummas out there trying to be

pilates in the park

10 am | 45 mins

In this class we focus on breathing and strengthening the areas of our bodies that need the most attention. It is about breathing through each exercise and learning to get our bodies in the correct position so we get the most out of each exercise we are doing and so we work the muscles properly. Suitable for any fitness level.*


babes circuit class

10 am | 45 mins

Babes circuit classes are great for mixing things up a bit. It is a slightly more high intensity class and also is suitable for all fitness levels.  Everyone works at their own pace and level, again its about doing the exercises correctly (quality over quantity). I want to help you strengthen the areas that need the most attention, so all my exercises are catered to doing this.*


babes and boxing

10 am | 45 mins

Our highest intensity class, but still working at your own level, a 45 min class aimed to get your heart rate up, yet still be aware of the areas of our bodies that need attention, so there is nothing that should strain or injure you.*

*All women must be given the all clear fro their Doctor before commencing classes. All classes are suitable for women 12 weeks postpartum and are included in our 5 and 10 week special memberships. 

At the end of all classes we stretch and have cuddles with our Bubs or kids, all classes are suitable for most fitness levels and you very much work at your own pace. All classes go for 45 mins, its a very casual environment to workout in and if your little ones wish to join in that's great . Let's show them how normal and fun exercise can be.


babes outdoor group session

$15 a casual session

45 minutes

Catering to all women before, during and after pregnancy, all children welcome. If pregnant it is recommended to have a free consultation first.

 babes personalised pre and post natal personal training session

$50 pt session

45 minutes

 Specialising in pre and post natal clients, before, during and after pregnancy. Children welcome at  all sessions.

suitable from 6 weeks pp, and all clear from your physiotherapist or dr.

pt 5 session card

$200 for 5 sessions

5 personalised 45 min training sessions, catered specifically to your needs, children welcome. 

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