My name is Sarah, I am a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. I am also qualified in pregnancy Pilates, early postnatal training, third trimester training, anti-natal core training, fundamental mat work Pilates and intermediate mat work Pilates, and am a recently qualified TMT ACADEMY certified trainer.

I am a mother to three amazing children, Anabelle, Hugo and Oscar, they are my reason for everything that I do, and I know that sounds corny but it really is true. They teach me something new about myself all the time and I feel so blessed that I get to be their mum. I feel they are what has driven me to follow this dream of mine. I have a passion to help mums and women out there the best I can. I also have a lovely husband who is always supporting me and helping me follow my dreams. 


I have had four pregnancies and three births and with each I have had a different journey and experience.  Each pregnancy I was a different age and was in different places in my life physically and mentally. I was very fortunate to have no major issues with any of my labours but I know many women who have. I feel that this journey on one hand can be so soul defining and wonderful, yet on the other hand it can be the loneliest and scariest time of our lives. 


I was very lucky to always have support, friends and family around me but I also know many women who didn't have this. I really want to provide a place where all women can come together, yes for exercise but also as a place to come and chat, vent or come to just not be alone or scared. 

I want these session to be a bit more of a type of therapy. I feel I am friendly and approachable and have something to offer. I have a passion to help all women achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. My goal is to assist women and Mumma's and help them achieve their fitness goals. I will  be appealing to all fitness levels .


I will provide outdoor group training where Mum's can bring their children along for the ride, this way I feel that mothers and children get to benefit being out in the fresh air without the hassle of having to organise babysitters or childcare.


Our exercises classes and pt sessions consist of a variety of cardio, resistance and strength exercises, flexibility, core strength and stability and pelvic floor exercises.

I want all of you beautiful women to have a place to come and improve your mind, body and soul and physically and mentally build strength.


I would love you all to come on this exciting journey with me.