hello there

I am currently on maternity leave lovely ladies, welcoming bubba number 4 to our family.  I am planning on coming back in term 3 2021, again thank you for all your support.

Babe Fitness offers outdoor group training sessions for Women of all fitness levels with a strong focus on pre and post natal exercise for Mum's and their bubs.

Classes consist of a variety of cardio, resistance and strength exercises, flexibility, core strength and stability and pelvic floor exercises.

My passion is to help all women achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. I want to help you reach your fitness goals and provide a place where women can come together to exercise and socialise with other like-minded women. I am wanting try and create a sense of community or a village like environment where we all cheer each other on and really support eachother through this crazy ride of motherhood.


Do you want to improve your mind, body, soul and physically and mentally build strength?


Come and join us!


women's fitness training | pre and post natal